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Editor's Picks #286

Ungers Project 1- Gunho Kim + Hyun Chung (model) Ungers Project 2- Ryan Glick + Julia Pascutto (model) Rowe Project 1- Vivian Shao Chen + Henry Adam Weber (model) Rowe Project 2- Armando Rigau + William S. Smith (model). Harlem School of Arts 1978 design by HSA building architects Ulrich Franzen & Associates Robert Stolarik for The New York Times Mr. Franzen’s design for Hunter College’s campus on Lexington Avenue included skywalks meant to be students’ “main street.” Rem Koolhaas, at Rice University's Tudor Fieldhouse Four Freedoms Park via James S. Russell:Bloomberg West Wind Building Unfinished Spaces, a film that we've previously covered here on Archinect, is a documentary about the ambitious Cuban National Art School project Caves of Ajanta (A chaitya griba) via amlocke.

West Wind Building

West Wind Building". Huétor-Tájar. Granada. Spain. Under construction via Gema G Espejo.

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