Graham Boyd, R.A.

Graham Boyd, R.A.

New York, NY, US


Huntington Housing Authority

Completion Date: Projected completion January 2013
Description: Large H.U.D. project including new 3 story Senior Residence, new 2 story Family Unit building, and renovation of 40 existing units. The project consisted of applications for Variances to the zoning of the site which were denied by the Town Board which limited the project to the renovation portion.
Responsibilities: Project Manager role which included designing the new three story senior residence and preparing all documentation to apply for the variance. Main point of contact working closely with everyone from the developer and contractor, to the Board of Directors from the Housing Authority, to the lawyer and Town Board. Also was able to help in the creation of the proposal getting valuable insight into how an Architecture Firm prices out jobs and tasks.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Huntington Station, NY, US
My Role: Project Manager
Additional Credits: Work was done while working for Gerald J. Caliendo, P.C.

Diagrammatic Proposed Site Plan
Diagrammatic Proposed Site Plan
Typical Floorplans
Typical Floorplans

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