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I have been asked to evaluate several project management softwares and have been looking at "Open-Air" and "Tenrox". Does anyone have experience with either of these products? Pro's and cons? Other suggestions?

We want to be about to track schedules, resources, budgets and have them automatically work with timesheet and billing data and hopefully be easy to use and have graphic output cabilities.

What software do you use?


Jun 17, 10 7:52 pm

I fill out my timesheets on Tenrox...that's it.

Other options:
Meridian Prolog
Buzzsaw (for file management)

Jun 18, 10 12:37 am

We are using VisionProject ( It is a great software if you want to do several different things like Time Reporting, Document Managment, Project Management, Support Management, etc.
It is very easy to use and you can choose to run it over internet as a hosted solution (that's how we do it) or if you want to install it on a server.

Jun 18, 10 8:13 am

A great PIM software our firm is using is Newforma. It is great for actual tracking of incoming and outgoing files (emails included) that goes on during a project.

Our office used Deltek Vision separately for the financials. There is a module that can be added that will combine the two, which we've yet to explore.

I recommend this as something to explore, even just for the frontend actual project management side (vs. the financial/scheduling backend).

Jul 22, 10 12:05 pm

wouldn't archioffice be another option? the two you're looking at are office management type solutions, no?



Apr 24, 11 2:53 pm
Token AE

To throw onto the file management side-


if you are big on Revit and BIM-based coordination, ProjectWise (by Bentley) has some serious Revit tweaks that make everything else look like child's play. Conversely, this may also be overkill depending on what your typical projects are.



Apr 24, 11 9:55 pm

like Gregory I was going to suggest archioffice or make your own with MS access

Apr 25, 11 1:22 am

I've been using basecamp to better manage my projects. My team decided to use this because it can easily be learned. It's simple and very easy to use. It keeps us track of our projects and they are easy to navigate since projects are loaded in a single dashboard for users to see it right when they go to the dashboard.

You can also take a look at some basecamp alternatives in this link and see if it has features that would help your team. Zoho-projects is good for creating and assigning tasks while freshbooks can do online invoicing for job costs, either of these two can be good.

Jul 2, 11 9:23 pm

Latitude can export user timesheets to an accounting software package like QuickBooks, MYOB or Simply Accounting. You can invoice job costs with its simple cash accounting system.

Graphs reports like timesheets, billings, active/inactive jobs, etc., can be quickly generated.

Jul 19, 11 9:41 pm

Prior to implementing the project management software my organization too did a thorough check of the pro's and con's of the integrated software. We finally closed in on the Microsoft Project Professional 2010. The user-controlled scheduling feature has provided a flexible planning solution for our project managers. There's also an in-built feature which provides a single screen for managing approvals for timesheets, project updates, and administrative approvals. The information captured in the timesheet and task management process can be shared with line-of-business applications too. If you wish to know more, you can visit Microsoft's website.

Nov 4, 11 7:52 am

Hello Nancy,

Can you tell me more about the features and where else can i use this software for management. Does this software require any kind of software which are to be installed before initiating the eresource scheduler setup.

Dec 28, 11 1:40 am

Hi Nancy,

Thanks for the reply. Can i have a video tour of the software so that it becomes easy for me to evaluate it .

Mar 7, 12 3:10 am

We use Replicon project tracking software, which is one of the leading time billing and project tracking software available.

I have experience working with Tenrox, its a good tool, but I was not satisfied with the packages they had.

Jul 3, 12 12:39 pm

Hi, Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. It is indeed a big help to me. I use Time Doctor and it is popular and effective project management software.

Feb 19, 13 9:17 pm

If you are looking for Project management software then you first of all it depends on the type of project because the software should full fill your requirement. If you are looking for Construction Management software then you should prefer according to your need.

Feb 20, 13 5:46 am

Dear architects,

For those of you interested in architectural management take a look at this web site.

Jul 20, 13 8:55 am

For time tracking purposes, I use Replicon project time management software and definitely it is very pretty easy and hassle free cloud based app. One of the most simplest tool yet it holds great features that made us appreciate this tool for helping us in increasing efficiency and productivity of our business.

It can be quickly implemented without any hassles and also all reports can be exported to excel, additionally it can also be used with QuickBooks etc.

Jun 16, 14 9:20 am
Non Sequitur

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Jun 16, 14 9:29 am

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Jun 16, 14 12:49 pm

I'll add one that we use in our office - . It has all the feature you need plus advanced project management. I think you can try it for free for a limited time.

Sep 10, 14 8:39 am

I would like to suggest the project management software our company offers, MasterLibrary

We help automate the construction process with features such as:

Files, Meeting Notes, To Do Lists, My Action Items, Tasks, Activities, Correspondence, Memos, Transmittals, Estimate, Design Drawings/Specs, Project Team, ASIs, RFIs, Submittals, Field Observations, Punch Lists, Contracts, Schedule of Values, Work Orders, Field Orders / RFP's, Proposals, Change Orders, Pay Apps, Design Reviews, Work Reports, Schedules, Safety Audits, Bid Packages, Bid Addenda, Bid Questions, Bid Submission, Equipment, Rooms, Assets, Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Doors, Hardware Sets, Door Hardware, Electronic Binders.

We also offer flexible and affordable subscription options.

Please feel free to visit our website or contact me for more information.

Apr 28, 15 3:15 pm

Hi! I use  Project Management Software ( This program  provides project teams with a real-time view on project priorities and delivery dates, calculates the actual resource workload and availability as well as automatically tracks task completion progress.

May 20, 15 1:22 pm

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