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Mar 27 '14 4 Last Comment
Hunter PopeHunter Pope
Mar 27, 14 8:57 pm

I have been applying for summer internship opportunities for the past several weeks. I am a senior architecture student that will be going back to get my masters after this summer. Given the many firms I have reached out to, I have had 2 offers with very different requirements and specifics that go along with the job as well as different compensations. Both jobs are great when it comes to the experience and making connections after the internship is over.

I just want to see if anyone can shed light on what is an ideal or decent compensation for a summer intern to make?



Mar 28, 14 1:04 am

I have three interns this summer. The first-timers are getting $15, one with experience is getting $16. Paid overtime and housing stipend(amount tbd) as well.

Mar 28, 14 5:11 pm

$15/hr with paid overtime is probably a realistic place to start.  I wouldn't take any less.

Hunter PopeHunter Pope
Mar 28, 14 10:26 pm

Awesome. Thank you! That helps out. I was thinking around those numbers but wasnt really sure. Thanks

Mar 30, 14 6:47 pm

And a housing stipend? Wow LITS I want to work for you! Haha

Seems like a lot of internships just come with stipends...

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