GC'ing a project you designed?

Mar 26 '14 5 Last Comment
Mar 26, 14 10:14 pm

A client of mine has asked me to consider being hired as the construction manager/superintendent during the construction of the small house I have designed for him. He works for a local general contracting firm but doesn't have the time to GC his own house construction. Any advice and how to avoid pitfalls or things to watch out for since this is an untraditional role for an architect?  Should I steer away?  Will this take took much time so that I cannot focus on growing my own practice?


Miles JaffeMiles Jaffe
Mar 26, 14 10:41 pm

It's a big time commitment to do it right especially w/o experience and reliable subs. If your client has good subs and is willing to work with you it could be a great learning experience. Design / build is a great service to offer select cients. 

Seems like your client is assuming you have skills and experience that you don't. A frank discussion is best.

Mar 27, 14 6:16 pm

If you already have lots of CA and field experience - and you're willing to work outside of your comfort zone - this shouldn't be an enormous stretch, especially if your client's willing to 'mentor' you a bit and pay you a decent fee.

Personally, I think this would be good experience and an avenue to enhanced revenue opportunities in the future.

wurdan freo
Mar 28, 14 11:26 am

The risks could be enormous if you don't understand construction and the client is setting you up. (pessimist in me)

As long as you understand the risks and have the client steers you in the right direction, this could be a great experience for you. I would do it in a heartbeat. 

Mar 28, 14 12:55 pm

Do you need his power of attorney? 

Mar 28, 14 12:59 pm

Be careful with the contract you work out.  

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