Architect avoids NYC tax(double taxation) by taking selfies

Mar 20 '14 6 Last Comment
Mar 20, 14 10:33 pm


"Andrew Jarvis, an architect who had to work out of his firm’s New York City and Philadelphia offices, quickly grew tired of the exhausting commute. So he started renting an NYC apartment to lighten the burden."

Knowing that NYC taxes are insane and that the IRS would not believe he actually lived in Philadelphia most of the time he decided to take selfies every day he spent in Philadelphia ensure he would not be taxed twice. His daughter chose to post them on Instagram

See the story here...


Donna SinkDonna Sink
Mar 20, 14 10:56 pm

It's actually a pretty simple train ride from Philly to NYC, and you can work on the train.

Mar 20, 14 11:06 pm

He should have threw In a nude selfie just for shits and giggles.  

Mar 20, 14 11:27 pm

Taxes, bitches!

C. Watts
Mar 21, 14 1:16 pm

He looks like George Bush in the second picture. 

Mar 24, 14 9:03 am

Alternate headline- "Architect can afford residences in Philadelphia and NYC"

Mar 24, 14 9:04 am

Secondary headline- "but still drives Subaru"

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