Peter Eisenman's House IV drawings!

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Jan 25, 14 4:27 pm

Hi there.

Is anyone in here in possession of drawings or CAD models of Peter Eisenmans House IV(4)?


I have to do a physical model of it, so if anyone do have anything they'd like to share it would be highly appreciated. 


boy in a well
Jan 26, 14 4:38 am

you mean you have a previously published photo of a model?

are you a student?

does your school have a library?

Don't make me invoke Miles' Rule 34 on you.

Miles JaffeMiles Jaffe
Jan 26, 14 10:57 am

You beat me to it.

Jan 29, 14 3:08 pm

You can check Eisenman here  Enjoy.  Hope this answers your question, if only a little.


Gregory WalkerGregory Walker
Jan 29, 14 8:57 pm

OP - the best source of drawings on the project are probably in Houses of Cards, which documented the first 9 houses he did. seeing that the cheapest copy on amazon is $168, i'd look for a bootleg pdf somewhere. 


if memory serves, it was not built but was 'developed' enough to have plans/sections/etc. 

Nam HendersonNam Henderson
Feb 3, 14 9:56 pm

@boy in a well

you all referring to @Miles no posts for newbies rule?

Googling Rule 34 brings up something else entirely...

boy in a well
Feb 4, 14 5:19 pm

does it?


oh my...

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