residential plans - notes/strux?

Nov 15 '13 2 Last Comment
Nov 15, 13 1:00 pm

So, as I've stated in other threads, I'm an independent architect and starting my own firm. SMALL, just me. 

I've been doing commercial and institutional design for something like 15 years. Now I'm doing residential. I'm getting familiar with the residential code & it's requirements. 

One thing that would help me is to look at some sets that other people have prepared to get an idea of the type of general notes, specs and structural design (when done by the architect) that goes into the drawing set. 

I know this is a huge favor to ask, but would anyone share a set with me? Probably best to contact me directly at punkmotorcycles (at) gmail ...

And, thanks in advance & happy to return favors. 


wurdan freo
Nov 15, 13 1:14 pm

what part of the country are you working in?

Nov 15, 13 1:19 pm

Northeast. 2012 RBC

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