Looking for 3ds Max Training course in london


Hi Guys,

Searching for 3dsmax Training school in london.

For Architecture modeling!

Any suggestions ?

Nov 9, 13 10:36 am

You can skype me with questions if you want I can help you over video chat

Nov 9, 13 1:29 pm

Nov 9, 13 8:31 pm

Hello Henry..

Try SPLINE CREATIVES LTD. They are at Vauxhall, London.

They Provide One to One courses in 3DS MAX for architects and Interior designers.

Some of my friends did course with them, they recommend the tutor.

Website link: 

All the best :)

Nov 10, 13 7:37 am

do they have youtube in london?

Nov 10, 13 8:30 am

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