I need info of United Nation building .

Oct 30 '13 10 Last Comment
Oct 30, 13 11:38 am

Can you give me the information of the design of United nation building ? A technical drawing is ok . 1 information I really need is the length and width of grass area in front of the building and how many tree they plant in front of building , left , right , behind .

I wish I have a picture with front , left , right , behind view but when I search on Internet , I can not find good images .

This is a scientific project so I hope I can find help here .

Thank you .


Non Sequitur
Oct 30, 13 11:53 am

not sure about trees, but here are some elevations.

Oct 30, 13 1:56 pm

Google maps -aerial view- and measure off that? Not sure how detailed you need it, but it'll be pretty good...

Oct 30, 13 5:10 pm

When I first read this title., I actually thought you were interested in getting advice on how to get your own country started.

Miles JaffeMiles Jaffe
Oct 30, 13 7:12 pm

When I read this title I think the OP is looking for information to plan a terrorist attack.

Oct 30, 13 7:35 pm

terrible Miles, but that was my first thought as well....

Oct 30, 13 10:50 pm

Thank you for info !!! Grass and tree supply O2 and decrease CO2 , I want info about that to measure how many people can have O2 / CO2 from tree and plant around the building . 3400 people work in the building with grass area and just some tree to supply O2 and decrease CO2 .

Miles Jaffe and Iamgray , I think you watch to much film .

Oct 30, 13 11:02 pm

Can you tell me the whole size of the of the all the ground floor of all buildings of UN and and the precinct around . I need to do minus operation .

Miles JaffeMiles Jaffe
Oct 30, 13 11:09 pm

"minus operation" has an ominous sound to it.

Non Sequitur
Oct 31, 13 8:34 am

iRock... are you suggesting that the United Nations campus be enclosed in a giant bubble with its oxygen supplied by the trees on site? How much oxygen can one tree (species of trees are also important I gather) support?

quick back of the envelop calculations, let's say 1 tree per person per year and from an aerial view, there are a couple hundred trees on UN property... so, keeping in mind that none of the other NY city residents are stealing our precious UN locally generated (organic too... why not, it's trendy) oxygen, I'd say 200 people can live inside this glorious bubble.

but, buildings require air for other things too, so considering that each employee is now doing the work of 17 due to oxygen level cut-backs, I give it 3mins until they all suffocate...

won and done williams
Oct 31, 13 10:44 am

Miles Jaffe and Iamgray , I think you watch to much film .

This from the guy proposing that grass and trees supply oxygen to the people working at the UN.

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