Drafting Machine Scales?

Jan 18 '09 9 Last Comment
Jan 18, 09 10:40 pm

Hi, I'm looking to buy 2 drafting machine scales. I know they're out of date but I'm a freshmen studying architecture we are consistent with hand drawings. Anyway, what is a good website I should be looking at or what store does carry them? I've googled them for the past hour and been getting the same things over and over again.

If it helps I have a K&E drafting arm, but I did realize that most scales are universal. Thanks in advance.


Jan 19, 09 10:37 am

Try, they sell drafting supplies & equipment.
There's also a set of K+E scales listed on ebay right now.

David CuthbertDavid Cuthbert
Jan 19, 09 11:43 am

try also putting this request in the archmart section of archinect - you are likely to nab a great response. Also would you be willing to settle for a pre-owned/used one?

Jan 19, 09 11:46 am

I would also try Craig's List as well as ebay.

Jan 19, 09 1:07 pm


vado retro
Jan 19, 09 1:49 pm

does anybody know where i can get some leeches? i am in my first year of med school and we are consistent with learning how to bleed our patience...

Jan 19, 09 1:51 pm

i love that, bleed our patience...that sums up the last 8 years under Bush...

Jan 19, 09 8:16 pm

hey guys thanks for the responses.

architechnophilia i wouldn't mind buying used ones.

Jan 19, 09 11:54 pm

Wow -- an absolute minimum of sarcasm. Congrats to the crowd. . .

Jan 20, 09 12:06 am


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