H1B for Architects

Aug 26 '13 6 Last Comment
Aug 26, 13 3:04 pm

I've done my 5 year degree in B.Arch from India in 2011 and currently have 3 years of experience including 6 months internship. I'm currently working for an architecture firm in the UK.

I'll be moving to the US in Denver, CO in another few months with my husband who will be on work visa and I'll be on dependent visa.

I was looking for options to work in Denver but would need sponsorship from an Architecture firm for H1B visa or go for M.Arch in UC Denver (Spring/Fall 2014).

How much chances do I have to get visa sponsorship for work?

Please suggest if I should try for work visa or start preparing for M.Arch.


Mike WakefieldMike Wakefield
Aug 26, 13 3:27 pm

Lots of opportunities in Denver! Great city w/ a lot to offer.

Per the sponsorship visa - you'll never know until you try. I would start firing off emails w/ a 5 page PDF w/ your work samples, details of your skill set (incl. BIM, construction drawings, & sustainable design) to every interesting firm in the area. Maybe check in w/ the local AIA and go from there.

Lian Chikako Chang
Aug 29, 13 11:44 am

As far as I understand, H1B visas may hit their cap on the first day of applications in the spring. When that happens, it goes to a lottery, which means that even with an employer who sponsors you and a perfect application, you're not guaranteed a visa. Sadface. 

That said, odds are still quite good if you can find an employer to sponsor you. 

Though your situation might be different based on your husband's visa and whatnot. A consult with an immigration lawyer could be worth it (I've done it and it can be free or up to $200 for a 30 minute phone call.)

Feb 20, 14 12:04 am

I am a registered Architect from India. I have moved with my husband to US in 2011. Currently, I am on H4 visa. I have work experience of 13 years in India with the most leading Developers like Nitesh, K. Raheja and Gesco. I have worked with US Architects like WATG, KPF and Callison while being the in-house Architect from the Client's side. Is there any chances of getting H1 sponsorship, so that I could work in US?. I am in North California now.

Maria MujicaMaria Mujica
Feb 21, 14 6:04 pm

I done my Bach in 2008, have 5 years experience in Venezuela and Australia. I am planning to keep extending my international experience in US.

I am looking for states with a good options of job offers. What cities can i consider?

any advice will be helpful!

Miles JaffeMiles Jaffe
Feb 21, 14 6:11 pm

H1B, is that like H1N1?

Feb 24, 14 12:26 pm

It's EXACTLY like that, Miles.

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