bringing work to the office

May 23 '13 9 Last Comment
May 23, 13 12:02 pm

To Be Succinct: how do I bringing work to the office? No disrespect to those with web sites, but do they really work?

Is bringing in work to the office similar to applying for a job?


Peter NormandPeter Normand
May 23, 13 1:11 pm

More like networking, which is why many firms have a narrow field of specialization

Erik Evens (EKE)
May 24, 13 1:18 pm

Meet people, nurture relationships. 

May 24, 13 2:14 pm

where should i meet these people?

boy in a well
May 24, 13 2:33 pm

what are you doing later?

May 24, 13 2:39 pm

grilling, its memorial day

boy in a well
May 24, 13 2:46 pm

well you're never gonna meet new people that way.

let's go boozing.

May 24, 13 3:06 pm

so that's the only way to meet these people hmmm........

boy in a well
May 24, 13 4:05 pm

no, but its Friday and im restless

May 25, 13 3:29 am

join as many 'high class' clubs and get to know people there as you want... eg: Ferrari enthusiast club, Picasso collecter's club, Diamond cutter's club, etc etc .. you get my point.

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