Project Managers/Architects: How do you like to manage your projects?

Mar 8 '13 5 Last Comment
Mar 8, 13 5:45 pm

When it comes to changes in the Work after the execution of the AIA A201 Agreement, have you ever had any problems getting the Contractor on-board with a Change Order? 

If so, how did you deal with it and keep the project moving forward?


Mar 15, 13 10:01 am

I've never known a contractor that didn't embrace a change order, ha ha.

But seriously, it's typically not the contractors place to object to changes, and changes happen all of the time. What specifically is it you're concerned about?

Mar 20, 13 2:06 pm

Not concerned about anything in particular,  we were just looking for real-time examples where a GC refused to sign a change order. 

Like you said - its pretty common for a GC to go along with a change order even if its one that gives the Owner a credit. 

But there had to be a reason to place that clause in the AIA A201.

Mar 25, 13 6:19 am

True indeed.

chatter of clouds
Mar 25, 13 6:43 am

if the Contractor hasn't been paid yet ?   :o|

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