Proliferation of masters degrees offered in this and that - WTH?

Feb 15 '13 1 Last Comment
Feb 15, 13 4:58 pm

More a general thread than an academia thread.  There has been a M.Arch. for many years.  There have also been some MS degrees, but not many.  Lately, per the ads on here and in general, there seems to be a proliferation of a masters in this and that, offered by department of architecture and allied fields.  The naming conventions are all over the map, and their vibe seem very niche-like.  And in an environment where the job market is more constrained?  What's the deal?


On the fence
Feb 15, 13 5:20 pm

And the fact you dont need a Masters to practice architecture at all, let alone that a university would try to find a way to invent newer and better ways to separate you from your dreams is surprising.

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