"More Frank Gehry than formal Greek."

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Feb 1, 13 12:59 am

Anyone else find this funny?


To make this fun, who's work would you model the world after?


Stoyan KaludovStoyan Kaludov
Feb 1, 13 2:04 am

Haha... That made me giggle. I suppose Clinton has a point, but citing Gehry's architecture is a bit silly. I have a feeling that's the only modern architect she knows by name. Anyway, who's work would I model the world After? It has to be Carlo Scarpa for sure... My new world model will have a modern character while respecting our history and learning from past mistakes !

Miles JaffeMiles Jaffe
Feb 1, 13 9:55 am

Antoni Gaudi, of course.

Feb 1, 13 11:16 am


Feb 1, 13 11:28 am

In answer to the original question: yes, I find this funny.

But it's not surprising.  Civilians often talk about architecture either symbolically or literally, but not for very long, because it's not their field and they don't know much.  The ones who went to college know a name or two, which they toss into their patter like croutons into a salad.

Of course, architects do this, too, about other topics we know little about.  It's all good.

Feb 1, 13 11:36 am

Oh, and in answer to the second question:

Model the world on the work of Tony Garnier, with an occasional monument by Charles Garnier.  And while we're at it, TV and movies devoted to Jennifer Garner and James Garner.

Feb 1, 13 11:47 am

raymond hood.  shouldn't he be more well-known in america than frank gehry?

i am not oppsed to citizen's garner comments.  don't mess around with jim.

Feb 1, 13 12:02 pm

Your Ideal City mash up....
2009.09.18 16:26

"...Piranesi's truly unique urban paradigm -- a city "reenacting" itself through all its physical, sociopolitical, and even metaphysical layers -- may well become the most real urban paradigm of the next millennium."

"Here a Versailles, there a Versailles, everywhere a Versailles, sigh."

"Pilgimage, Reenactment and Tourism"

Ichnographia Quondam


Your Ideal City mash up....
2009.09.18 16:54

Neuschwanstein + Las Vegas + Atlantic City + an Indian Reservation + Monte Carlo + Dubai + Angkor Wat + Pompei = "My kind of town."

Donna SinkDonna Sink
Feb 1, 13 4:45 pm

Love your comments above, citizen!  I toss film references into my patter, but they're not good ones, as my friend the set designer will tell me.

Feb 1, 13 5:31 pm

I'll bet your film references are better than most folks' architecture references, Donna.  (Frank Lloyd Wright, anyone?)

Josh MingsJosh Mings
Feb 1, 13 9:30 pm

I'm consistently amazed at how many people don't know about Louis freaking Chicago. I may or may have not used that as a deciding factor on whether or not a girl gets a second date in the not so distant past.

will gallowaywill galloway
Feb 1, 13 11:08 pm

i thought it was cool that she saw a need to deal with complex problems with flexibility and messiness rather than insist on rigid classical and outdated ones.  that gehry gets to be the poster boy for that sort of thing is icing.

Feb 2, 13 9:58 am

I agree. For someone outside the field its a nice reference.

Man I really like Scarpa, but a sick part of me wants to say Constant Nieuwenhuys.

Feb 2, 13 11:52 am

except greek planning was flexible and messy - and very gehry.  so yeah, 'formal roman' wouldn't work with clinton's alliterative sound bite but would be a more correct reference.

Feb 2, 13 3:06 pm


Feb 2, 13 3:56 pm


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