How tall are these doors and ceilings? (You-Tube video)

Jan 30 '13 5 Last Comment
Jan 30, 13 9:08 pm


I was wondering if anyone cared to view the first two minutes of the underlying movie and give an opinion on how tall the entry door, doorways, and ceilings in the various rooms are.

Thanks as always!


Miles JaffeMiles Jaffe
Jan 30, 13 10:10 pm


No, wait, 7". I went fullscreen.

G. BaetenG. Baeten
Jan 30, 13 11:16 pm

Thank you for your very insightful answer...


Jan 31, 13 8:08 am

The doors look to be 10' the ceiling 14' much of the movie was done on sound stages so some of what you are seeing are movie sets. The house used for the vale mansion should be 6621 Whitley terrace in Los Angeles, if you're In the area

Jan 31, 13 12:12 pm

The doors look about ten feet tall, and there is no ceiling.  It's a stage set.  A real mansion like that depicted would probably have ceilings 12 to 16 feet high.

G. BaetenG. Baeten
Jan 31, 13 5:18 pm

Thank you VERY much for your answers...

This site is a great resource!

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