Acute angle buildings

Jan 11 '13 4 Last Comment
Jan 11, 13 6:02 pm

Is there a codified term for buildings that are built on acute angle lots and thus are acute angled themselves? I am thinking of the Flatiron (Fuller) Building, NYC, 1902. Art deco from the early 1900s type buildings.


Jan 12, 13 9:44 am

i believe they are called 'flatiron.'  you can have a flatiron building in your neighborhood, but it isn't the flatiron building (unless the flatiron building is in your neighborhood).

Jan 12, 13 1:04 pm

Yes, I agree. It seems they are all being named after the comment made over 100 years ago. I wonder if the industry should codify the term or create a more apt one. 'Horizontal triangular buildings constrained by a triangular parcel?

boy in a well
Jan 14, 13 7:54 pm

oh you mean a Hotribuco-b-tripar?

I'll call marketing.

Jan 15, 13 10:12 pm

The word triangular comes to mind

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