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Naina Miglani
Dec 13, 12 3:48 pm

hi..i'm a student pursuing architecture...

and i need help with my thesis topic-AUTOMALL..

as this topic is new..there is difficulty in research work..

i need few case studies and few live case studies too..

please help..


Dec 13, 12 4:05 pm

This is what I don't understand from anyone who presents a thesis topic in the way you just did: what is your argument- your "thesis"... You can't just present a project and call it your thesis... If you answer the above question, you may have a much easier time finding work related to whatever you are doing because you won't necessarily be limited to one building typology. What is your stance/attitude/approach/premise?

Peter NormandPeter Normand
Dec 14, 12 12:53 pm


what is this? a place to buy cars?

can you share what you found so far?

also B B is correct you have no thesis just a capstone project, thesis implies a quest for new ideas discovery what are you intending to discover? a new way to buy cars?

Dec 14, 12 1:07 pm

Must be a popular topic in your part of the world...

Peter NormandPeter Normand
Dec 14, 12 1:39 pm

Oh my Car Dealerships, you need to come to the United States every town has one, every town.


Try looking up the names of the car manufactures and ask them to send you their literature.  You are asking about dealerships, each brand each company has different standards, the small Subaru dealership I designed has to have green design stone and a fireplace, and others have specific design elements that are trademarks.


Just make a brief description of what you are doing. Dealerships for your region should be mentioned first. Be very specific that you want their company design standards, and possibly close by examples to look at.


Also mention that you are a student and send a link or information about your university, this will make the sometimes very busy people at the car company want to help you as mentoring is seen as a respectable thing to do in most professional organizations.


Try Ford they are expanding into Asia and may be more than willing to help.


Just send an email or call and get a name in their dealership relations and or standards department.

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