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Nov 27, 11 6:17 am

really need some help regarding thesis case studies . My thesis topic is auto-mall .I have already looked through a few examples but Im still a little lost since I cannot perform a live case study as India is new to this automall concept . 


Jan 20, 12 11:21 am

I am also interested in doing AUTOMALL which includes AUTOMOBILE EXHIBITION AND MUSEUM as my Thesis topic in which I’am interested to provide following
• Retail and Display areas
• Warehousing
• Servicing
• Insurance and Financing
• Test Track
• Administration and ancillary services
• Corporate Offices of Automobile/Related Companies
• Pavilion for Auto Expo and Car/Related Product Launch
• Multi Level Car Parking
• Food Court.

Anyone with any necessary details and information regarding are requested to help me through.

Jan 26, 12 9:08 am

hey iv already started with my report regarding the thesis topic if u need help selecting case studies do let me know as Im already done with them . 

Feb 10, 12 4:50 am


Feb 25, 12 12:59 am


I would be grateful if u cud share me the details. my Mail id: I am done with case studies. Nw in stage of preparation f design brief nd area statements. Much appreciated if u cud help.


Mar 21, 12 3:29 am

This thesis is a case study on Foreign Investments in the Chinese auto industry. The case study we find some essentialist factors that have contributed to the increasing standard trend over the study period. The three companies manage to successfully integrate their core competencies in terms of technological advances in quality, innovation and energy-efficient "variance in the foreign market. The strong brand recognition of their models maintains their high share in the automotive industry in China. Of no less importance is the fact that GM, VW and Toyota have very strategic location of their chosen activities, and to know the most profitable and developed Chinese regions, mainly on the east coast.

shaikh nazim
Jul 17, 12 7:56 am

@gauri ,Ar_Rinosh..


My thesis topic is auto-mall .can anyone help me regarding the case studies and further details .plz

shaikh nazim
Jul 17, 12 7:57 am

my email id is

Oct 9, 12 11:25 am

@ Gauri, Ar_Rinosh, Shaikh Nazim

My thesis topic is also auto_mall I would be grateful if u could share me the details u have.

my email is

waiting for ur repley

Dec 1, 13 7:14 pm

@gauri and Ar rinosh 

my topic is same as urs, i would be grateful if u could share me details u have 

my id is

waiting for ur reply 

Feb 4, 14 3:17 am

@ Gauri, Ar_Rinosh, Shaikh Nazim

My thesis topic is also automall, and  I would be highly grateful if u could share me the details u have.

My id:

waiting for ur reply.

Feb 4, 14 9:27 am

I have an automall thesis due tomorrow and haven't started yet. Could you email me your completed thesis so I can use it?

Feb 4, 14 11:06 am

What the heck is your damn "THESIS"? As I mentioned to someone earlier on this forum, a Thesis is an argument, a stance, something that is debateable... or as the online dictionary states: a thesis is: "a statement or theory that is put forward as a premise to be maintained or proved". So.. what is your THESIS?!

Non Sequitur
Feb 4, 14 11:42 am

SneakyPete, do you have steel shop-drawings, preferably reviewed, that I can submit. We are a little behind and I cannot be bothered to check them myself.

Feb 4, 14 12:13 pm

if you don't have a thesis at least use the proper term - "Capstone Project" which doesn't carry a very impressive connotation among legitimate architecture schools offering professional degree programs (I think...)

Feb 4, 14 12:32 pm

Only if you need a prefab garage, NS...

Nov 9, 14 5:02 pm

I have an automall thesis,and  I would be highly grateful if u could share me the details u have.

My ID :

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