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Jono LeeJono Lee
Oct 20, 12 5:13 pm

How much of the merits/distinctions/awards/fellowships does UCLA weigh in/account for in the decision process of an applicant to the m.arch program?


 I'm just looking at the box, and having a hard time with what to put down... :S


Scott KepfordScott Kepford
Oct 22, 12 1:38 am

Not much; I wouldn't stress about it too much.  But it would be better to put down something rather than nothing... if you've ever gotten a scholarship for anything for example.

Jono Lee
Oct 22, 12 9:09 pm

great, thanks for your reply!

MR. Obsessive
Oct 23, 12 12:35 am

does anyone know the commencement date for suprastudio... the m.archII course for 2013. ??

Nov 19, 12 6:43 pm

Dear Jaw-know,

When faculty are reviewing an applicant's file to make admissions and/or fellowship decisions, they take all components of the application into consideration. However, some components are more heavily weighted than others. The portfolio is more heavily weighted for the M.Arch.I and M.Arch.II programs, especially for the latter program. Keep in mind that listing all achievements in your application that are pertinent to the program to which you are applying generally strengthens your applicant profile.


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