Seriously, what other careers can architects make a move into?

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May 29, 14 4:03 am


You could try for the following options:- 

Construction Project Management

Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure

and also 

Construction Economics.


I think you can find more information here:-

Aug 22, 14 4:16 pm

Architects are very smart people and they are very well informed and are the masters of the construction industry. They are well aware about the organization related to construction business, therefore, they can become a great stock analyst particularly for construction market. They could guide people to invest in the organization that rules in the construction industry.

A normal person is not so much informed about these things, the news we hear or see regarding any fall or rise in the construction industry, what is the source? The source is these people who are working in close coordination with the organization. For an instance, the news about jawad rathore who was responsible for the fraud for a construction company. Architects of those company already knew what the company was leading to and what was their plan of action way before this was revealed. They can become a boon to people by sharing their thought and become a great stock advisor or stock investor.

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