AZ Awards...Stephen Hawking Centre ADDITION?

May 2 '12 2 Last Comment
New Village
May 2, 12 9:39 am

Currently posted on the Azure website are the nominees for this years AZ Awards.  In the "Architecture: Commercial and Institutional over 1000 m2" the addition to the Perimeter Institute by Teeple Architects finds itself among projects by KPMB, ZGF and others. 

What's strange to me is that the Teeple project is not listed as an addition to the original building designed by Saucier Perrotte Architectes anywhere on the website.  Given the iconic nature of the original project it seems to me that by not making this clear, Teeple Architects could win an AZ award by riding the coat tails of what was once a rare piece of great architecture in Canada.

Below are images of the original Lake side facade, followed by the Teeple addition.  A little clarity please Azure...


May 2, 12 11:52 am

umm maybe you should call azure and talk to them about it?

May 2, 12 12:44 pm

That's because Quebequoi Architects have to ride in the back of the bus. it's in the bill of rights eh?


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