Arch Stamp or Butt Plug???

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Queen of England
Oct 11, 06 7:37 pm

The “trophy” I have been so worked up about, the prize at the end of the NCARB's, the icon that distinguishes Architects from interns - is a butt-plug? I would say this is very anti-climatic, but for some it's surely the reverse. If it ever goes missing from the office I won't be concerned about things getting stamped, I'll be worried about the violation of the stamp itself! If it goes missing, even for a day, I will never touch it again.


liberty bell
Oct 11, 06 7:38 pm

ohmigod....I can't stop laughing long enough to come up with a response....

Oct 11, 06 7:42 pm

i could sure use one of those...

liberty bell
Oct 11, 06 7:43 pm

More hilarity!!! Thanks AP!!!!!

Oct 11, 06 7:43 pm

Saturn is less dense than water, but you need a bathtub the sizs of Jupiter to prove it. Hey architects, how would would plug a bathtub the size of Jupiter?

liberty bell
Oct 11, 06 7:46 pm

I guess it wouldn't work to use a smaller planet, like Uranus.

Oct 11, 06 7:50 pm

Boy, talk about going full circle!

Oct 11, 06 8:07 pm

damn, that is just to suggestive.....

liberty bell
Oct 11, 06 8:16 pm

I guess the idea is: you get your stamp, then you hand it to your client and bend over?

Nah, i'd rather think of a happier connotation. More like: "Getting your stamp feels really, really good!"

vado retro
Oct 11, 06 8:26 pm

make sure you wash it in warm soappy water!!!

Oct 11, 06 8:48 pm

it could be worse, er, or is that better?

Oct 11, 06 8:49 pm

spot the guilty thief immediately...

Oct 11, 06 8:51 pm

well, now i know what really drove Phillip Johnson into architecture.

Queen of England
Oct 11, 06 8:53 pm

Are the powers that be trying to curb anal retentiveness of the profession?

Queen of England
Oct 11, 06 8:57 pm

"Ok, you're done school, you're done your exams, loosen up - this'll help!"

Oct 11, 06 9:00 pm

"Gee, it's nothing like my studio professor said it would be, it's really not bad at all!"

timothy sadler®
Oct 12, 06 2:49 am

This is the best thread EVER!

Oct 12, 06 10:33 am

its not very far from furniture porn

to architecture porn...

Oct 12, 06 11:23 am

Leave those drawings on my chair -
I'll stamp them when I return.

liberty bell
Oct 12, 06 11:26 am

LOL, oh god moak that's good...

This truly is the best thread ever...let's hear more....

liberty bell
Oct 12, 06 12:04 pm

Any more funny comments anyone? There must be more, the set-up seems rich with possibility, I mean are there really any two funnier-sounding words in English besides "butt plug"?

Except maybe "wealthy architect" hahahahahahaha.

el jeffe
Oct 12, 06 12:45 pm

"anyone seen my stamp?"

"oh nevermind; i was wearing it the whole time!"

Oct 12, 06 12:48 pm

...while plumbing the depths of troubles with my pipes, the engineers kept telling me i had to do something to increase my hoop stress...

Oct 12, 06 12:49 pm

Is that what the boss man meant when he said "I just don't have it in me anymore." And I thought he was referring to his design talent.

Oct 12, 06 1:36 pm
el jeffe
Oct 12, 06 1:41 pm

damn, i just shamped.

Chili Davis
Oct 12, 06 1:45 pm

Some would prefer...

el jeffe
Oct 12, 06 1:49 pm

i'll add a side-riff here.

we stamp 'em out....

Chili Davis
Oct 12, 06 1:51 pm

"Damn it, ink on my khakis again. That's the third pair this week!"

Oct 12, 06 2:09 pm

New light is shed on all those posts on Craigslist of folks looking for a licensed architect to stamp their plans...

Queen of England
Oct 12, 06 3:01 pm

The secret society of architects has many secret rituals....

Regan Martin
Oct 12, 06 3:15 pm

So may suspicions were correct... the building department does involve anal rape. So long as I'm not tossing salads... oh wait, those are client meetings.

timothy sadler®
Oct 12, 06 5:22 pm

Boss: "I heard you passed the ARE. You must have really aced it, huh?"

Intern: "Nah, I sorta pulled it right out of my ass..."

Steven WardSteven Ward
Oct 12, 06 8:27 pm

this whole architect stamp thing is lost on me. my stamp doesn't look anything like that. did i get cheated?

liberty bell
Oct 12, 06 8:42 pm

No, Steven, you didn't - mine looks regular too. I'm just playing along because I find it so hilarious...

I used to always joke with my old bosses that they were "more of a man than me" (one of them was a woman - it's just a figure of speech) because they had taken the old four-day-charette exam while I just took the wussy little computer exam. Maybe the new computer exam requires an extra step in turning architects into "real men"?

vado retro
Oct 12, 06 9:30 pm

careful ladieez, this is stamped on my heart...

Oct 13, 06 8:38 am

My stamp is digital.

It's a object I dont mind inserting.

Oct 13, 06 10:32 am

Once you have the responsibility inherent of "the stamp," its ergonomic shape is designed to hold in any of the bullshit you were used to throwing out before.

Oct 13, 06 11:13 am

not to chime in on this one but i find the archinect 'go to bottom' button perfect for this thread.

Oct 13, 06 2:39 pm

says a fed up intern to his principle one late night after stamping the 12th 135 drawing set, "you could take this and shove it!"

"so," says the principle, "you've finally figured out what this is all about..."

Oct 13, 06 5:28 pm

plan checker: "don't you know that you need a means of escape in the bedrooms in case of fire?"

architect: "uh...nuh...din't know that...oh...ok..."

plan checker: "man, you got your stamp up ass!"

Workshop B
Oct 13, 06 5:51 pm

Perhaps that is why review agencies always want wet stamps on drawings...they know how much architects enjoy stamping things

Oct 26, 06 3:15 pm

I am curious why there are so many people here who are familiar with butt-plugs. It kind of freaks me out. ;)

David CuthbertDavid Cuthbert
Oct 28, 06 2:30 pm

How else would we stop all the bs that keeps leaking out of us.

Okay that was a bit gross

Oct 28, 06 2:37 pm

If it's "leaking" out that means that you've lost rectal tone. That generally only happens when something has been "over-stretched." Soo....yeah...grody. ;)

Oct 28, 06 9:30 pm

Ok, this conversation has definitely reached a repugnant level!

Oct 29, 06 2:49 am

i wonder what nancy manguy would have thought of this thread...

Nov 10, 06 5:26 pm
Nov 19, 06 10:55 pm

Wait.... really? I mean designers came up with this? This confirms the strong drug use I suspected related to the profession. hehe.

liberty bell
Nov 19, 06 11:53 pm

I'm looking for some contemporary drapery ahrdware - and instead found this collection, called "space Probes".

Yeah, my humor is that of a 12yearold.

Nov 19, 06 11:56 pm

He he he he he. Don't ever lose that humor.

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