Kaufmann Desert House

Oct 22 '11 2 Last Comment
Timothy HowellsTimothy Howells
Oct 22, 11 11:18 am

I'm doing a study next week on the Kaufmann Desert House by architect Richard Neutra and I need some floor plan dimensions to create this study model. the most useful tool I found was a sketchup model of the house, but it seems to be too small (not to scale). If anyone knows one measurement i.e. the length of the pool or a wall, door height that would be very helpful. I could then rescale the model and the floor plan I have to fit that dimension. I would greatly appreciate any help. thank you.

I am new to this site and forum, and you probably don't appreciate questions like this on this forum, but I thought this would be a good place to ask. Does anyone have some knowledge about this house or about where I might be able to find some info. Thanks


Oct 22, 11 2:15 pm

Have you tried using google? It really works.

Oct 22, 11 5:43 pm

Rusty you sure that isn't Phillip Johnsons New Cannan House.....Oh those who follow the internet for resources....Maybe it is maybe it isn't.....ah dam it is all eye music.


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