Paris Hilton designs a beach club

Sep 15 '11 3 Last Comment
Sep 15, 11 1:34 pm

It's in the Phillipines and is part of a project by Century Properties. 

Why be an intern when you can be a socialite? Seriously, yo!


Miles JaffeMiles Jaffe
Sep 15, 11 2:02 pm

Free pink bunny slippers and Chihuahua treats with every sale.


Sep 15, 11 3:09 pm

These days many interns are socialites, aren't they?  Or maybe it's the other way around...

Everything will be pink.

Sep 16, 11 1:29 am

Paris Hilton puts on an act for publicity. She's nowhere near as stupid as she pretends to be. While she makes the typical celebrity gaffe now and then, she's actually quite competent as a businesswoman, and her aesthetic is only cheesy on purpose. 

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