Nice architectural webseries

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Jan 11, 17 7:49 pm

I stumbled accross a nice little webseries from Quebec architect Pierre Thibault which I thought some of you may like. It's in french but with english subs.

I recommend Episode 2: Habiter la Nature -- very nice (and possibly very rosy) overview of working with clients.


Jan 12, 17 3:56 am

I really liked BBC's Dreamspaces back in the day 2003-2004, presented by none other than David Adjaye (and Justine Frischmann and Charlie Luxton) here's the intro:

And I also like some of Kevin McCloud's Grand Designs and The House That £100k Built by Kieran Long and Piers Taylor. Very building/construction oriented obviously, some of the houses and low-cost solutions though are very inspiring.

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