Salary after taxes in New York?

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Aug 3, 14 10:01 pm

Hi , I'm a Junior architect (29 years old), graduated in Europe with 3-4 years experience in Top architecture firms.

I recently won the green card and I'm now moving with my husband to New York. So I'm now looking for a job.

I have already different interviews scheduled for the next weeks. How much can I ask for salary? And how much could be my salary after taxes? 

I cannot find anywhere how much the % of taxes on salary are in New York. 

Thank yo for your help!

Ciao Ciao


Aug 4, 14 1:38 am


Put 3.648% for New York City Income Tax.

Put 6.85% for New York State Income Tax.

It'll automatically calculate the Federal Income Tax based on the salary you input.

This isn't 100% accurate because it all varies based on your deductions, but it should give you a solid idea in my opinion.


The calculator will automatically determine your federal income tax bracket.


You're roughly looking at 28% + 3.648% + 6.85% = 38.5% Tax on your salary in NYC.  However, this is on your taxable income, not your entire salary; so use the calculator to get a more accurate (but not definitive) figure.


P.S. If any of this is wrong and someone living in New York would like to correct, please do by all means.  I don't live there and the information I've posted is just from the web.

Aug 4, 14 2:00 pm

A.I thank you for the informations!

If some one from NYC could confirm that I would appreciated! 

Aug 4, 14 2:46 pm

Really is that something real? It's super strange!

Well I can imaging that for starting I will ask just for a salary. But I will ask information about that...

Aug 5, 14 3:23 pm

graduatedlicensure...please tell us more about how we can call our salaries "allowances" and avoid income taxes.  I can't wait to hear the details, as I'll save a fortune!

Simone CataniaSimone Catania
Sep 3, 14 1:19 pm

Nikiname are you Italian?

Sep 3, 14 1:30 pm

yes! :) 


Sep 11, 14 4:45 pm is a good start for salary information

Pro's for NYC:

  • Many, many firms of every scale and type.
  • Due to the financial crisis in 2009/10, there aren't as many architects with your level of experience, specifically actual construction experience in the US, which gives a bit of an edge to those who have it.

Con's for NYC:

  • It is a competitive market for employees, meaning the income to cost-of-living ratio here is a bit depressed.
  • The benchmark salary (based on the high cost of living) in this city seems to be 80k, which is certainly not true for junior architects.

The work here is also a bit heavy on the interior / refurbishment side, which may or may not be to your liking

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