More websites like this one!

Jul 16 '14 4 Last Comment
Jul 16, 14 4:48 am

Hey Guys, 

I really like this websites. Are there more discussion forums like architect for me on the internet?


Jul 16, 14 10:49 am

Only other forum that I know is

Jul 16, 14 11:05 am

Reddit is also the only other one I know about too.  LinkedIn I guess could be another one, but most of those groups and discussion topics are very very particular on their topics.

Jul 19, 14 5:25 am

@jdparnell1218 Do you know any interesting linked in groups?

Young Architect
Jul 21, 14 5:10 am


The following linked in groups are very active:

  • AIA NY Center for Architecture
  • Architecture
  • Architecture and Interiors
  • Architecture Career Forum
  • Design and Architecture
  • Young Architect Network

Good Luck!

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