Manhattan CAD File

Jul 2 '14 2 Last Comment
Jul 2, 14 7:10 pm

I have searched quite thoroughly on the internet and on Archinect but I haven't been able to locate a 2D map of Manhattan with buildings (.dwg or something similar). I could really use a map showing the footprints of buildings and street contours, and if anyone has it and could send it to me that would be awesome.


Thank you.


James PettyJames Petty
Jul 2, 14 10:16 pm


on the right side you can export to a scaled PDF. Open in illustrator and export to dwg in scale. Bam. 

Jul 3, 14 5:25 pm

NYC has a huge number of open source maps and such...they've been trying to encourage developers of apps and such to create apps around information regarding the city.  I think you should be able to find a map or two on there of manhattan and its buildings.

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