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May 27 '14 8 Last Comment
Amy JarvisAmy Jarvis
May 27, 14 11:59 am

Where are you printing your portfolio?


Non Sequitur
May 27, 14 12:08 pm

I usually just head down to the local native tribe and get them to transfer my work into some bead-work or quilt.

May 27, 14 12:12 pm

pics or it didn't happen.  seriously though, that would be awesome.  probably pixelated though.

x intern
May 27, 14 2:13 pm

The hard back books you can get printed off the internet look good.  Not the most creative but if the works good this is a decent option.  

Non Sequitur
May 27, 14 2:20 pm

Curtkram, the problem is not really about the pixelation but some of them insist so much on adding tassels everywhere.

Amy JarvisAmy Jarvis
May 27, 14 10:20 pm

Too many Tassels... No such thing

May 28, 14 4:51 pm

I use Lulu, but my last run of portfolios had some trim marks visible on a couple pages. I will probably give Blurb a shot next time I want a hard-copy. 

For most interviews, I have switched to showing work on a 10" nexus tablet - the graphic quality is amazing, and at $400, I only have to revise my portfolio like 7 times before it pays for itself.... 

Non Sequitur
May 28, 14 5:13 pm

Blurb is fantastic and if you're using their InDesign plug in, your cost per book will auto-update as you add pages and or change the paper quality... no tassel option, which is good.

Jun 3, 14 4:41 pm

I interviewed with a  tablet last time.

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