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Shenzhen Logistic City
Shenzhen Logistic City
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Shenzhen Logistic City

We’ve been requested to design a tower standing 1111m. This massive urban intervention will, be used as a tool for reforestation in the city. It is our obligation to consider green space as the main aspect of the buildings; therefore, we re-insert the mountain experience: ascending and descending paths, traversing the crevasse, navigating both gradual and steep slopes, and the proliferation of plant life wrapping the buildings.
The design comes from a mix of structural issue and uses. It allows us to artificially bring together the qualities of an urban environment. Lifted public space surrounded by program,  like shops offices housing public program . Finally, we used the holes, in between the programmatic structure to create energy with wind turbines. As a result, the building is a self-sustainable vertical city.

PROJECT:   Mix-use, Dwelling, Offices, Commercial, Masterplan
SIZE:    4 200 000 M2
TYPE:    Commission
CLIENT:   Confidential
STATUS:   On-going

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Shenzhen, CN

Neighborhood Community
Neighborhood Community

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