Bryan Finoki

Bryan Finoki

San Francisco, CA, US



CONTRIBUTING WRITER to: GOOD Magazine, Domus, Design Observer, Mute Magazine, Volume, Architect Magazine, PLANET Mag, Triple Canopy, Arquine, The State, openDemocracy, and others. 

BLOG: [SUBTOPIA: A Field Guide to Military Urbanism -- (Spatial Politics // Counter-Geographies // Carceral Landscapes // Cryptoentomology // Sonic Imaginaries)] @subtopes

VISITING FACULTY Woodbury University School of Architecture (San Diego, CA) (2009-2010)

CO-FOUNDER of DEMILIT (DM3) collective (@demilit)



"Meet The Bloggers" (Architect Magazine, 2007) -- "...I much prefer the outsider perspective.” - Finoki

My first blog from '04 focussed on homelessness and architecture, used as a platform to organize the very first local volunteer-based chapter for Architecture For Humanity


Selected Writing Samples:


Coverage of collaborative work with DM3 on the "Oakland Security Cloud." 


Other Recent Projects:

Design Observer (web) | "(in)Fringe": a new series of audio and text based dispatches exploring "sonic edges" in the San Francisco Bay Area, collaborating with Nick Sowers as "52-Blue."


Bryan's Featured Articles on Archinect

Compared to What?, Mon, Feb 12 '07

Compared to What?

One Small Project: Wes Janz, Mon, Mar 27 '06

The notion of "leftover space" has always been of great interest to architects, but in the context of global urbanization it conjures a particularly visceral response. Leftover space””in the sense of being ghettoized and depicting a sort of bare essentiality of being in architecture””is ...

One Small Project: Wes Janz

Best of '05: Bryan Finoki, Thu, Jan 5 '06

Best of '05: Bryan Finoki

De:constructing Recidivism , Mon, Apr 25 '05

Raphael Sperry is the newest president of twenty-two year old national activist group ADPSR, (Architects/Designers/Planners for Social Responsibility), and has launched a vital debate that confronts us about our roles in producing the prison industrial complex, our fears of dispensability as a ...

De:constructing Recidivism


University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC), Bachelors, Modern Lit./Creative Writing

May 1954 - May 1994

Areas of Specialization 

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