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    Testing and Loading

    design/buildLAB May 31 '13 0

    We've met with one of the professors in the college of Architecture, Mehdi Setareh, many times over the course of this project to help design our bridge. Yesterday, he came out to ESL to test the deflection of the bridge piece. 

    He had Stephen run across the bridge for one test, then had everyone in the studio weigh themselves and stand on the bridge in a line. Uniformly loading the bridge this way helped Mehdi better calculate the deflection.

    We also found a way to get ahead of schedule yesterday by loading up all of our prefabricated pieces for shipping!

    Our original shipping date was June 3rd, but all of the pieces of the bridge were finished to the point of being able to ship yesterday. So, we decided to load everything up early and start taking pieces over today! The hub will be put in place this morning in Clifton Forge, and our bridge piece will ship over on Monday.

    We had to move it out of the high bay with two fork lifts moving in synch with each other. It was no easy task, but the hub was safely loaded up and bolted and strapped to the trailer. 


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