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    Preparing the Site

    design/buildLAB Mar 28 '12 0

    Having completed our construction documents and received our building permit, we began to lay out our plan for grading and foundations.  

    Using the world's loudest and slowest saw, we cut holes in the existing slab for foundations and trees.

    Using string to ensure we had the straightest lines possible, we marked the boundaries of the terraces in the park space.

    We installed fencing around the perimeter of the site, effectively transforming it from impromptu parking lot to official job site.

    We set up batter boards so excavation may begin tomorrow morning, while in Blacksburg, prefabrication will get under way at our Environmental Systems Laboratory.


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The Virginia Tech design/buildLAB is a Project Based Experiential Learning program focused on the research, development and implementation of innovative construction methods and architectural designs. Students collaborate with local communities and industry experts to conceive and realize built architecture projects that are both educational and charitable in nature. The blog is run by design/buildLAB students who are designing and building a fieldhouse for the Clifton Forge Little League.

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