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    Monster Mash | American Folk Union

    BuildingSatire Sep 19 '12 0

    To the relief of many, the American Folk Art Museum in New York is staying open. (So long as funding bolsters the income from stray visitors of the MoMA.) Had the museum shut down, New York would have lost one of its greatest architectural wallflowers. But if the Williams Tsien building is ever set to suffer such a fate as demolition, perhaps we could give it new life as an exquisite corpse.

    It’s called the Cooper Union School of Folk Art—no. But let’s imagine we repurposed the Williams Tsien building and applied all the wonderful details to the Mayne’s Cooper Union. Only then would we have a well-funded powerhouse of history and modern architecture—a beautifully juxtaposed environment to view such exhibitions as “Quilts: Masterworks from the American Folk Art Museum.”

    And façade, how could we waste such contextual Tombasil? We’ll take the memory of the streets of New York and patch the gaping hole in the side of the Cooper Union, allowing the students finally to work in peace without being aggravated by such horrors as sunlight.



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