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    lunch9: In Excess (Call for Submissions)

    uvalunch Oct 16 '13 0

    October 9, 2013:

    lunch invites you to submit your positions to be published in our ninth volume,
    lunch9: In Excess

    Excess is everywhere — it is plenty; profit; waste. Growth cannot occur without excess, yet there is a threshold beyond which growth becomes malignant. Nothing succeeds like excess, yet necessity — scarcity — is the mother of invention. We encounter this duality constantly; how we react defines us collectively as a society and individually as creators and agents of change.

    How do we measure, or decide, what is — in quantity or quality — excessive? Are traditional constraints — the actualities of material, labor, technology, and permanence — still at work? Is excess valuable; is it beautiful; is it productive? When and how does excess lead to innovation, or stifle it?

    What is design in excess?

    We seek ideas, papers, and projects — design and product proposals; visual narratives, critical mappings, and diagrams; experiments, interviews, critiques, etc. —  addressing excess from all perspectives.

    Abstracts are due November 15.
    Full projects and final articles will be due January 17.
    Submit at and contact with questions.


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