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Jul '12 - Jan '13

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    Shanghai Layover

    amlocke Jul 28 '12 3

    The layover in Shanghai was a brief 3 hours, but my lack of sleep and difference in time made it seem threefold. The airport itself was airy and bright- a steel Dulles. The price to pay for such extensive glazing with little overhang is higher air conditioning. However, judging by the beads of sweat upon my brow, budget cuts were in effect. To make matters worse, the water fountains served two types of water, warm and hot. I think I would much rather receive an ice-cold glass of water served through water boarding, than to drink this lava.

    As the sun began its retreat, it became the backlight of the city, illuminating it's most iconic members for all to see.

    Shanghai International Terminal

    The city on the horizon

    'Sterilized' aka hot, water dispenser


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An Indo Inquisition is a thirteen-week train expedition across India. The journey will document the influences of international modernism and British occupation, as well as compare the effects of wealth accumulation, culture, religion, and poverty with economic growth and their effect on the built environment.

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