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    We arrived on bikes to see the empty rooms

    will galloway Nov 6 '11 0

    A large part of the public transportation has stopped on 14th of March.
    We arrived on bikes to see the empty rooms.
    All the materials are here but just for a few of us.
    Kostas and Marcos working hard planning the future.

    haiku-esque reaction to the disaster on march 11, announcing the postponement of a conference by KEIO architecture prof yasushi ikeda

    On March 11 people were gathering for a conference that was to start in a few days in Tokyo on the subject of algorithmic design.  Then there was a massive earthquake, followed by a tsunami...and within days we were all wondering about radiation from fukushima.  The city was basically shut down and the news filled with fear so the conference was naturally enough cancelled for the duration.

    I guess there were several such decisions taken around that time.  In this case I am bringing it up because it was organised by my colleague, Yasushi Ikeda.  And the conference is back on and will feature some pretty good speakers (see here), including hopefully jesse reiser.

    I will be joining next week just for one day and will write a wee bit about it here.  It looks to be quite interesting.  Since the earthquake i have come to see the technology inherent to this approach to architecture has some real and significant value even in response to disasters, and am curious to see if the work presented will reflect some of this potential.


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keio university's architecture program is probably the best kept secret in the country. Hidden away on a campus an hour from tokyo the curriculum is wide open and connected to a campus-wide project aimed at dealing with climate change and innovation. students of economics can take courses in architecture and vice versa but we all are expected to take part in real projects somewhere in the world. there are a few starchitects on the faculty but mostly we are focused on making a difference.

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