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    007 / This Will Be Good

    Greg Evans Nov 12 '09 9
    Discussion topic will be "Form, Why Bother?"


    So, tomorrow at 4:00pm, Peter Eisenman will be making a visit to the KSA - presumably for his annual football game with Jeff Kipnis. However, before kick-off on Saturday, Peter will be in a panel discussion with KSA faculty Jeff Kipnis and John McMorrough tomorrow afternoon. No idea what the topic will be, but I can almost guarantee it will be fantastic (on multiple levels).

    Eisenman + McMorrough + Kipnis

    Knowlton School of Architecture
    Gui Gallery

    Discussion begins at 4:00 pm

    See you there!


    • Danny Wills
      Nov 12, 09 11:41 pm

      I want to see what you're doing at KSA! Columbus is a far way from New York.. I can't go to any of these lectures.

      Micah McKelveyMicah McKelvey
      Nov 13, 09 3:25 am

      fair warning?
      studio gets out at four. i need a time machine.

      Greg EvansGreg Evans
      Nov 13, 09 10:35 am

      Discussion topic is "Form, Why Bother?"

      I'll post work soon. This series, thus far, has been everything Charlie, you, and I tried to get rolling at Kent. Apparently, winter quarter is when we bring in a big name...the suspense is killing me.

      I'm sorry you have to miss this. haha Although, I'd be willing to make the statement that being with Strand for studio is equally as enjoyable.

      Nov 13, 09 11:05 am

      This should be an interesting topic considering the theme of this semester's lectures at my school has been about the "necessity of form."

      Is there any possibility this discussion can be recorded and shared?

      Greg EvansGreg Evans
      Nov 13, 09 7:51 pm

      There was a video camera and microphone. I'm assuming it will be posted on the KSA website soon. I'll let you know.

      It was quite intriguing...details coming soon.

      Nov 13, 09 10:24 pm

      ooooh, this DOES promise to be good.

      Nov 15, 09 2:17 pm

      actually pete has nothing to say.....really he doesnt.

      Nov 18, 09 8:07 pm

      is it on the website? Not sure where to look for it.

      Greg EvansGreg Evans
      Nov 19, 09 3:20 am

      As of yet, I don't think it's been posted.

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