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Sep '09 - Oct '11

  • Greg has moved.

    And he has a new Archinect blog called Postcards from New York.

    Check it out.

  • 015 / It's probably not a datascape.

    Don't get used to this back-to-back posting rhythm, but I told you they'd come quickly... This quarter I took an interesting seminar with Professor Karen Lewis called "Diagrammatic." The seminar focused on the history of diagramming in architecture and was split into progressive categories:Forms...

  • 014 / De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da

    So, Spring Quarter has come and gone, and thus, so has graduation. What a great two years it has been. Over the summer, I plan on posting some of the projects I never really finished updating everyone with - like the final fur studio work. So, be looking out for frequent posts as I begin to curate...

  • 014 / Toshiko Mori Event Blog

    Apologies for anyone really hoping for a true "live blog." The spotty wireless can be unreliable in our concrete bunker and there are no easily accessible outlets in the gallery space. Alas, I can post a short update now over lunch to catch you up on the first half of the day. Most of the...

  • 013 / Toshiko's Coming!

    Wednesday and Thursday this week, third year graduate students will be in day-long discussions with this year's Baumer Visiting Lecturer, Toshiko Mori. Toshiko Mori, FAIA is the Robert P. Hubbard Professor in the Practice of Architecture at Harvard University Graduate School of Design and...

  • 012 / Oh, the grandfur.

    My last studio ever. And what a studio it's turning out to be...this is why I love architecture. As a perfect follow-up to last quarter's studio with Jeff Kipnis, I am now part of visiting professor Jason Payne's research of surface sublimating form and the explorations of fur in architecture...

  • 011 / KSA Excitement

    It has certainly been quite a while since I last updated this page. I apologize to anyone who's following it. My goal is to get something brief up here every week or two from now on - because there is certainly a lot going on/that has gone on. It's just difficult to not make a blog posting a...

  • 010 / Road Trip

    Recently, my undergrad home the College of Architecture & Environmental Design at Kent State University commissioned me to design their posters for the 2010 Spring Design Lecture Series. Below, I've posted graphics of all of the posters, and you can see larger views at my Flickr page. The...

  • 009 / Notes & Murmurs

    Quickly, then back to work... My apologies for my lack of postings - like last quarter's studio work. Being a partner project, I don't have all of the final materials and need to get those from him ASAP! Furthermore, my hand-drawn sections of the project were stolen, and I have no idea where they...

  • 008 / African Cities By Way Of Kansas

    TODAYGarth Myers, University of KansasInformality In African Cities5:30 pm KSA Auditorium FREE See you there!

  • 007 / This Will Be Good

    ***UPDATE*** Discussion topic will be "Form, Why Bother?" So, tomorrow at 4:00pm, Peter Eisenman will be making a visit to the KSA - presumably for his annual football game with Jeff Kipnis. However, before kick-off on Saturday, Peter will be in a panel discussion with KSA faculty Jeff Kipnis and...

  • 006 / The City Of Gold

    TODAY Doug Stockman, El Dorado, Inc.AIA Columbus Honor Awards Keynote Lecture5:30 pm KSA Auditorium FREE! See you there.

  • 005 / One for the Landscapes

    TODAY A lecture organized by the Landscape Architecture Department at the KSA...Pierre Belanger of Harvard UniversityRedefining Infrastructure5:30 pm | KSA Auditorium See you there!

  • 004 / Burritos, Baseball, Beer

    Apparently we're supposed to have an October heat-wave coming up here in I hear 70 degrees tomorrow? This is fantastic. If there is one thing I love it's autumn days that I don't have to fear the cold. For my autumn quarter design studio, my professor is Ashley Schafer and the site...

  • 003 / Deployment

    So, as I sit here and drink some apple cider - delicious - and listen to my Fleetwood Mac records - some people think they kind of lost it after the Rumors album, I believe they've been spectacular all the way through their career - I want to give a reflection to a stirring lecture that happened...

  • 002 / Better Than Magellan

    Sorry for the lack of updates with any sort of substance... This past weekend, I was in Boston for a studio site visit/architecture tour/brewery fun. I shot all film, finished with 12 complete rolls, got them developed, and have done a preliminary sorting through of them all. More on this later...

  • 001 / Architects Can't Speak Enough

    Hello, all. In a follow-up post, I will formally introduce myself. For know, know that my name is Greg Evans and I am a second year graduate student at the Austin E. Knowlton School of Architecture at The Ohio State University. Like I said, I'll fill in the details later. What's more important...

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