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    Fast good.

    Micah McKelvey Oct 9 '09 1

    Where this is going:

    World renowned gastronomic scientist Ferran Adrià, chef at elBulli, (considered by many to be the best restaurant in the world and called "the most imaginative generator of haute cuisine on the planet") calls for your collaboration on his newest venture - the growth of his brand, Fast Good, into North America. You are asked to design a prototype environment to be positioned as the brand is brought to life in specific markets yet to be determined. Thus, for the moment, the "site" for the restaurant will be an abstraction of an entirely typical condition: an infill volume with 20' frontage, 60' depth, and 30' height.

    In keeping with the design and business philosophy, Adrià requests an ephemeral yet tactile atmosphere of in-betweens - "catering to client's various needs" and accommodating "customers who are in more of a hurry and others for those who have a bit more time". Specifically, Adria requires "an innovative and avant-garde design to make Fast Good more appealing. Customers are also offered a wide range of sophisticated services within the locale (self-service cold dish buffet and hot dishes served to your table, audiovisual equipment, etc.)"



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