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    Scott Kepford Mar 31 '09 7

    Today is the start of the Postopolis! “live 5-day blogathon”. In true blogonerd fashion, I’m actually writing this from the event, on the rooftop of the Standard Downtown.

    The Standard Dowtown

    My roommate and I were excited to actually be able to walk to something in our neighborhood, so we took our time and dawdled on over and unfortunately missed the first talk, artist/gardener/animal architect Fritz Haeg. But the event is very exciting, despite everyone freaking out about how “cold” it is. Anyway, if you’re in the LA area you should check the schedule and come on down, there are lots of really interesting people talking. If you’re not in LA (shame on you) it’s also streaming, at the above Postopolis link. PS - there’s also free alcohol!

    The "Two Davids" interviewing Yo-Ichiro Hakomori Principal of wHY Architecture, with the Bonaventure in the background - someone tell Jameson

    I’m also very excited about being included on a panel of archinect schoolbloggers (with Emily from USC and Wayne from Columbia) speaking at Postopolis on Saturday at 7:40. But don’t come or I’ll be too nervous. Ha ha.


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