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    Mo'Jave's To-Do List

    Javier Arbona Sep 7 '06 6

    a snippet from the life of a PhD (still in his diapers)...
    1. make appointment for UCSF biology and mood study (300 bucks for half day!). PhD's need food (and nice jeans) too, and I admit I have a weird fascination with medicine, blood-drawing and getting into an MRI machine. See below about this week's readings also.
    2. Make Fellowship deadline calendar. (see item 1...)
    3. Prep for Monday's sections (I teach as part of the Southern Border staff. I like to call it "the So-bo" but no one gets it except the architect, me.)
    4. Doctor Dija (aka Dr. Z, the Dija, ZabanDija...) is coming over to spend the weekend at my place.

    Hopefull dogsitting won't be too much fun. I need to get some reading done...
    5. Finish corrections on article for Mark.

    and so... readings for next week? The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas S. Kuhn and The Great Transformation by Karl Polanyi. Coming up, I'll do justice to the discussions and content of the classes in a new post, but for now I'll just say that most of what we've been discussing is the impact of scientific thought on intellectual production. (Go back to item 1 about my medical/ontological curiosities).



    • aml
      Sep 7, 06 7:34 pm

      but he's so cuuuuute

      Javier ArbonaJavier Arbona
      Sep 7, 06 7:36 pm

      Zabers is the only dog that can sneeze on command.

      some person
      Sep 7, 06 8:08 pm

      Sobo? That's my favorite type of glue.

      I like how you keep the "inside" joke running, even if no one gets it.

      liberty bell
      Sep 7, 06 9:35 pm

      Wait, aml, who's cute, the dog, or Mark?! I mean the dog looks cute, but I can't get the Mark link to load, dammit, is he cute?!?

      vado retro
      Sep 7, 06 9:59 pm

      my to do list:
      1. finish watching "all the king's men"
      2. wash dishes
      3. take medicine
      4. floss

      vado retro
      Sep 7, 06 9:59 pm

      5. pay electric bill!

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