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    summer [yet]

    highsmith Apr 8 '06 5

    analagous modeling of exeter library


    extended view shelter

    The semester thus far consisted of entirely groupwork. This is a challenge, to say the best. I think I'm a bit stubborn [okay, more than a bit] and get a little lost in issues of tectonic clarity, especially building at full scale.

    Needless to say, the results were better than expected, but compromises were made by everyone [in a group of 12] to come out with a final design. The extended view project was constructed at full scale in market square on the RISD campus. The premise of the project, I would say, and especially in retrospect, was to successfully design the structure with the logic of construction and program holding equal weight in the process. I don't know that any one project was completely successful at both, but that's the challenge of design/build.


    some of the other projects

    next up : trying to get a job in LA for the summer
    currently listening to 'the books : thought for food' and sifting through issues of 'cabinet' and chapters of alain de botton's 'on seeing and noticing'

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