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Oct '05 - Oct '07

  • post war(s) berlin


    photographs from a recent studio trip to berlin, city of my personal favorite. dunkel weisen.



  • RISD Fall Lecture Series

    Many thanks to Gabriel Feld, Mikyong Kim, and Richard Hindle!

  • machines and books

    Looking back on a semester a few months later always brings unexpected things to the surface. Images and drawings I loved now seem less important, and vice versa. As I'm editing my work again for an upcoming portfolio, I'm realizing that excess is evil! This back(b)log includes work from a Spring...

  • don't let them munch your lunch

    Today I'm posting a project I completed about 2.5 months ago now. Just to post something...I'm feeling a little slack regarding this site, I suppose, and wanting to begin a routine that will remind me that I should constantly be editing and documenting my work as I approach portfolio time(s)...

  • dam[n] architecture

    self-explanatory -robert

  • post holiday post

    Long time no post. The end of another term is gone, and so is Christmas! I'm off to Utah at 5am for a six week wintersession studio with Peter Stempel. V. excited about returning to this part of the country. We will be situated just outside of Mt. Zion National Park. Suggestions for combatting...

  • eastern standard time

    spent past two weeks driving back across. 3600 miles later, not the most direct route, but stopped for good lengths in new orleans and alabama (to see the rural studio projects, of samuel mockbee) the majority: utah arizona silverlake texas santa monica santa monica venice marfa alpine alpine...

  • four weeks worth

    in order of appearance [not importance, except for the first, or date, etc] : Morphosis Morphosis Morphosis Morphosis LA Forum / Daly Genik Materials and Applications Installation ”˜downtown' Gehry Gehry Gehry Richard Obsolete Obsolete FLW MOCA Cigolle / Coleman TR-2 TR-2 TR-1 TR-2 A...

  • ode to paul

    photos from the voyage. inordinate thanks to companion, paul, pictured [that's crazy!] other than that, there was that...and i enjoyed that. the tent held strong, even in the most ridiculous conditions [read : the perfect storm]. the firm i'm working for this summer is very busy, which means i...

  • RI -> NC -> LA

    so, the first year is done. over the past week, i've managed to leave my debit card at a restaurant in DC, develop a strong, strong desire to drive a golf cart into water, locate a 'non-descript grey car' in the woods of chapel hill, and evade a major repair bill for my car, which is about to...

  • summer [yet]

    analagous modeling of exeter library + extended view shelter The semester thus far consisted of entirely groupwork. This is a challenge, to say the best. I think I'm a bit stubborn [okay, more than a bit] and get a little lost in issues of tectonic clarity, especially building at full scale...

  • this is january / view 4

    Since it's been a while since my last post, I'll get you up to speed on what's going on these days at RISD. I've enrolled in a painting class for Wintersession - RISD's best kept luxury...Wintersession offers students the opportunity to participate in any department, or within their own discipline...

  • this is december / view 3

    what this means /needs [in some particular order] : greenhouse structures the cold [outside the lovely, ultra-close quarters of the architecture building] materials and methods longspan research projects [dulles->raleigh] chaos [not panic] studio casualties [shout-outs to thomas and liz...

  • thank[s]giving

    As a short break arrives, I find myself traveling south again to visit my family in North Carolina. I haven't been able to post much this term, as RISD + life has been all consuming. I feel very pleased to have had Kyna Leski this term in my first RISD studio. To sum it up into a sentence, this...

  • view 1

    Sorry for the false start last week. Some information, since this will be my first real post: I arrived in Providence this summer equipped with my southern accent, [small] car. After a six week program in 'foundation studies,' I found myself even more pleased to be in this place than I had...

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