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    EXPO anyone?

    htsang1225 Sep 3 '05 4

    Anyone went to see the EXPO in Aichi yet? How was it?



    • will gallowaywill galloway
      Sep 3, 05 9:21 am

      haven't gone, and with the line ups am thinking to take a pass. but have heard both good and bad about it from friends who made the trip. the architecture is pretty good and the technology amazing but is worse than disneyland with the lines.

      btw, whose lab are you in at todai ?

      Sep 4, 05 11:41 am

      Yah, heard the same about it... the lines seem crazy...

      Are you in Japan too? I am in Yasushi Nagasawa's lab.

      will gallowaywill galloway
      Oct 20, 05 9:14 pm


      just noticed your response, sorry. yeh i'm doing phd in Ohno lab at todai. I'm in arch 1 building. you?

      Oct 23, 05 9:38 am

      ...But how are the parties at Todai? j/k-

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