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    I Fluff : Turn household garbage into building materials

    Paulina May 25 '05 3

    copied from another outside blog :

    Fluff is produced by the Bouldin Corporation, which is made up of three companies Bouldin and Lawson, WastAway Services, and Composite Products of America. Together this trio of companies takes regular unsorted household garbage which is then processed for thirty minutes before being transormed in a stable product they call "Fluff". Fluff is a pathogen-free material that can be used for soil amendment for land reclamation, a growing medium for plants but its most exciting application is that of an extruded material for use in the building trade.

    Composite Products of America extrudes the Fluff into 8" x 8" tongue and groove posts or landscaping timbers for the building of retaining wall or small one room structures. There is even a bench made of extruded fluff currently located in the Tennessee State Capital Building - talk about adding waste to the government.

    All this product needs now is a couple of designers to take it to the next level. Perhaps something like what Ferrara Design did for recycled cardboard with their Global Village Shelters. Ladies, Gentlemen the gauntlet has been thrown.


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