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    Not Architecture

    Paulina Apr 7 '05 2

    OBVIOUSLY this isnt architecture. Its still interesting nonetheless..

    A photo of Civil defense training trip in Russia. Events like that took place mostly in the 30s-40s and some even in the 50-s. Most of the people pictured are actually children



    • will gallowaywill galloway
      Apr 7, 05 9:30 pm

      i wonder if someone can convince the bush-wacker to start a similar program. Or maybe he already has... the power of paranoia is strong in that one, it is.

      and by the way that is totally architecture! the shit in the archi-zines is just advertising, don't let no-one tell you different.

      Apr 7, 05 11:15 pm

      "architecture does not exist within a cultural void"

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