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    Here is the housing project I promised you:

    Lucas Reames May 8 '05 2
    Highland Park is a low-income neighborhood located just North of downtown L.A. The city has chosen to become a Transit Oriented District. This means a higher density and more pedestrians. The growth in population and density calls for multi-family housing that fronts the street.

    The current model of multi-family, affordable housing is inconsistent with the needs of a human being. There are events in ones life, which require a change in their physical environment. We live confined within these so-called boundaries and they limit our habits and choices in life. If the user incurs a lifestyle change such as additions or losses to the family, the space should react to that change and grow with it.

    To prevent the constant hassle of having to relocate every time there is a life change, I provide the user with the means to adapt their current residence to their new behavior and requirements. I propose a set of utility cores in which any variety of panels can grow around them. This encourages a boundary that is not set at one point in time, but rather reflects the time period in which it is in.


    • vado retro
      May 8, 05 12:52 pm

      your entourage dont look too low income...are the red and pink rectangle intended to show the growth/adaptability/change of the project. how bout a more communicative floor plan to explain this?

      David Cuthbert
      May 8, 05 9:33 pm

      I always get concerned with the use or better still the overuse of words like affordable and low-income housing - they are usually off the mark. but very interesting project, wish I could see more to properly critique it

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